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Bike Repair Shop in Petaluma, California 
with Brooklyn roots!


The name "Smith & Bergen" is derived from an intersection in Brooklyn, NY. It was at that intersection that the first incarnation of Smith & Bergen Bicycles was born, that shop was called "BikeSmith", a local shop providing excellent service to the neighborhood of Cobble hill and its surroundings. 

Fast forward to 2021 and having lived in the Bay Area for 5 years, I decided to recreate and reintroduce that "community bike shop" and launched Smith & Bergen Bicycles, bringing that Brooklyn Love and energy to Petaluma, California.

Smith & Bergen provides so much more than your average Bike Repair Shop. We really and truly believe that #CYCLINGISFOREVERYONE.

Everything we do is geared towards showing our customers how much we care about their needs, and delivering the results they want. We believe that everyone is welcomed in a bike shop and should never feel intimidated walking through our doors.

We believe cycling builds community and is for everyone, no matter race, gender or socio-economic status.


Being a PoC and moving to the US, from Guyana, a small tropical country in South America, with a diverse population of Native, Black, East Indian, East Asian and European ancestry, cycling wasn't a sport or recreation activity for most, it was a means of transportation, it was a lifeline, it was the "car" to get groceries, it was the "drop the kids" (sometimes 3 or 4 at one time) to school wagon. So people cherished their bicycles and learned to take care of it. 

That passion and love for owning something so vital and important is something that I keep and hold on to from my youth and younger years of growing up in Guyana, and it is that passion that I bring to Smith & Bergen Bicycles. 

#CyclingisforEveryone  #CyclingEquityandEquality

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